My parents have a cat that has hated me for 10 years. Finally through bribery we're friends.

So my parents have a pretty Persian cat, appropriately named Purrsia. They adopted her about 10 years ago, she was a stray and after feeding her and caring for her my mom officially adopted her. She was probably on her own for a while, was feral and wild. It took effort by my mom to get her somewhat friendly and relatively housebroken. She at first wouldn't let anyone pet her, barely let my mom bathe her and would hiss at pretty much everyone before taking off and hiding at the sight of anyone but my mother. In time she has become friendly to pretty much everyone, my parents and my sister and her BF/my niece and nephew. But I don't live in the same town. I visit home and stay at my parent's house twice a year usually 4-5 days at a time. And it's always the same when I get home: I get in, my parents dogs are friendly, hug my folks and my sis and rest of my family if they're there. But when Purrsia first spots me that's pretty much the only interaction we have. She looks at me good and hard for a few seconds and dashes off to hide under my parent's bed for the remainder of my visit. I'll try to go and say hi to her and sometimes she'll be up when I'm getting downstairs in the morning for breakfast during my visit, but she's not having any of it. "Hi Purrsia" I'll say. And she'll high tail it outta there and upstairs under the bed. The first few visits I didn't really care; she needed to warm up to me and a few days here and there weren't going to do it. But I'm a bigger guy, over 6 feet, have a booming voice and somewhat animated personality. So it's cool. It's become common place to walk into a room and little Purrsia scurries away upstairs to hide under my folks' bed. My parents time and time again would just say "Oh, she just hasn't gotten used to you", "She's just really shy." That kinda thing. I say it doesn't bug me, but it eventually after like 10 years, 20 plus visits. I'd like to pet her, scratch her behind her ear. Between my parents and I we've had 8 dogs. I've cared for and loved plenty of animals and the only reason we didn't have cats was because our first dog was aggressive towards cats. We just became dog people. Every now and then my mom would get me to give Purrsia a Temptations or Friskies cat treat for coming inside or using her kitty litter. I would go up to her and crouch down and I can see the hesitation; she wants the treat but she doesn't want to get too close to me. But she always goes for the treat, getting it out of my hand and munching and being happy and crunching her little treat and in her own little world until she looks up and realizes OH ****! The big loud guy is right there! Off she goes back to hiding!! But she liked her chicken Temptation so much I didn't exist for a second. Her cheddar Friskie was so good she was cool with me for a whole minute. One time after this I'm sitting watching a baseball game with my old man and Purrsia comes downstairs and hops on my lap! And I'm petting her lightly and she's cool....then she looks up at me and Oh ****! It's HIM! And she's off back upstairs to hide! So last time I visited I stopped at WalMart after the 7 hour drive on the way in to grab some good coffee or something. And I had an idea! Off to the pet department for some treats for Purrsia. I found the same ones my parents had last time and paid for them. Of course my greeting was the usual. Hellos and hugs and kisses, but Pretty Persian Purrsia is outta there! But alas, after dinner while everyone but Purrsia enjoys the dining room I sneak upstairs. Quiet and silently I crouch in the dark and lift the sheet to show the about-to-flee feline. She starts a hiss, but stops! There are two or three little cat treats in front of her. She slowly and cautiously eats the treats. And eventually goes to snarl at me, but alas! More Temptations. She enjoys her spoils and by the time she looks back up to the giver of goodies, I've ran away. Next time I p*** her I throw one or two little cat candies. I put one or two near her water out of my parents view. A few outside her kitty little. It's Easter, but instead of eggs, there are cat treats. And Purrsia seems to love it. The next few visits are the same. More and more Friskies and Temptations. The one or two times I come home is Halloween and Christmas for Purrsia. And now when she sees me she doesn't growl or hiss or flee. She comes up to me and lets me pet her! My parents are like "Oh, it's so sweet how the two of you are friends!" or "See, it just took some time for her to warm up to you." Nope, that's not what happened. I decided to go full cool uncle. I spoil her. I make sure not to overdo it. I aways tell me folks I'm going to give her a treat (but give her three or four later) so they ease up on giving her treats while I'm home. Every now and then she seems to want to scratch or claw. But I'll throw her a chicken cheddar cat thing or five and its solves the issue. It makes me and my family happy. Also with the amount of animals we've had I know when I've over fed an animal, generally they throw up (hey, I was a stupid kid with pets many years ago). She never pukes when I'm up, I don't over do it (though come close). TL;DR: Parents have a cat that's hated me for ten years plus. So I started giving her a ton of kitten treat when I come home. Now she's cool with me. My folks don't know I've been spoiling her.

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admin This post made me super happy. Thank you for sharing your story. Purrsia is lucky to have such a caring and patient uncle 😊.
3 months ago

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