People need to stop getting into relationships with people who cant take care of themself

2 months ago

I don't even know what to add to this. Your bf doesn't want to take showers? Just leave wtf??? Also talking about m***ively depressed/suicidal/addicted persons. Get help first and then when you are better get into a relationship. For yourself and especially for the other one


I hail from Sunyani and my girlfriend

5 months ago

Please post me anonymously, I hail from Sunyani and my girlfriend is from Koforidua. We had our university education in Accra. I met my girlfriend on campus and we kicked off our relationship in our third year. We graduated together and decided to stay together in Accra after national service to search for employment opportunities. I haven’t had any success yet at finding a job but my girlfriend g...

I really like him but its scary

5 months ago

Please hide my identity. I'm a 35 year old woman and really need help. So I will get straight to the point. I got out of a 5 year abusive relationship and quickly got involved with a 40 year old man. I feel like I liked him very quickly because he satisfied me ***ually like no other man has. Here is the problem, he introduced me to **** ***. Now he does weird things like sniffing my dirty underwe...

she sent me a message saying we should be friends

5 months ago

I Am Derrick from adenta and am currently owning my own workshop as a welder. I was in a relationship with this lady who happened to be my cl***mate back from school, she was a really sweet woman and we had a plan of settling down next year and even went for a wedding list from her parents. Well things started heating up when my job went bad to worse a year by now and my rent was also up and so i...