Am I taking things out of proportion?

My friend told me I will get advice here. I am F(26). A year ago I met a man(29). He is just perfect in everyway. We started dating and honestly I have no complaints. We bonded over our mutual love for culture and tradition and our Ghanaian heritage. Things were so good between us and my family loves him. He suggested we visit his family in the village which I agreed. We were supposed to spend the weekend there. His family is nice and I had a good time there. This morning when I was going to bath, I was approached by a lady who asked me if I know my husband to be butchered an old lady because she is a witch and cut off her arm. I was shocked and told the lady to leave me alone but I was bothered so I told him what the lady told me. He confirmed what the lady said and told me that it's a tradition in their village. He also told me that his sister had a dream about the old lady. In the dream the old lady was eating in her palms and that confirmed she is a witch. He went there to confront her but she denied it so he beat her up with a machete to force her to confess. He said that's the only way to get the witches to confess and it's tradition. He said that was five years ago before he moved to Accra. I didn't say anything. We are returning back to Accra tonight. I am scared. I love tradition but I think this is too much. He is a good man and has done me no harm. I need some space from him to think. Am I taking things out of proportion?

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