Used to sell drugs and lucked out twice

I used to sell painkillers when I was in my early 20s to pay a debt I owed. It wasn’t any big deal as what I was selling was minor compared to some of my ***ociates. I didn’t care being opportunists and easy money. A friend sold H. He had me hold the H for him while a cop was following him constantly. I was having a bad day after a girl I was with cheated on me. I wound up doing a quarter of it. I gave it back to him without telling him what I did. I figured he would forget about it. My god was that stupid. I was at a restaurant down the street from where he usually was. He walked past the window where he saw me eating. He motioned for me to come out. I nodded. I came out and he yelled at me about using the H. Screaming I could’ve died as it was heavily laced with acid or something that our boss threw in there. I hadn’t ever done H before so it explained why I was more gone for a long period of time and with strange effects. I figured it was normal and I was a newbie to it. I gave him some of my stash of what I made selling my crap. The cops were now following me or so I thought. We were being followed for a bit one night and out of sheer panic when I was holding the H for him still I stashed it in a gas tank of a female friend down the block. I have no idea why on earth I thought this was a good thing to do but I was panicking and flipping out with cops on my ***. The next day this female acquaintance somehow was busted for suspicion of distributing, I was thinking how the hell did she get in trouble for my idiocy stashing it to avoid arrest. To this day I don’t know why and I didn’t stay around too long to find out. I’ve no idea how any of it affected her or how, but I’ve always felt very guilty of my panicking was what actually got her arrested. My boss got busted for lacing the H with acid and LSD a few weeks later by my friend who ratted him out with an anonymous tip because there were several severe overdoses. Could’ve been me there too but lucked out both times. Suffice to say I don’t miss those days.

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