Guys are so weird sometimes

I once caught my mom’s boyfriend taking pictures up my skirt. I was still in 9th grade and didn’t quite know what to do at the time. Me, my mom and her boyfriend were in the living room watching a movie. My mom got up to go shower and I made myself more comfortable on the vacant space left on the couch. My mom’s boyfriend was sitting somewhat across from me next to my feet. One time I looked in his direction I saw him fumbling with his phone, but didn’t think anything of it. It was when I saw a bright flash that I looked down and I saw him looking at his phone and his phone was aimed right between my legs. I realized then that he was taking pictures/video of my thighs and underwear. When I looked at him, he quickly put his phone back in his pocket and just said “oh ,sorry”. I was so surprised about what he did that I didn’t know what else to do other than say, “oh, it’s ok”. I adjusted myself a little and he said, “I can still see your panties”. I shrugged it off and we continued watching the movie and every now and then I’d see him looking. I wasn’t mad or upset; if anything I was pretty calm and comfortable. It wasn’t until after he left later on that I thought it was kinda funny that I caught him staring and taking pictures. We never brought it up and I never told anyone other than my friend a few years later. She just said she would have been embarr***ed and wouldn’t know what to do either, but other than that we just had a good laugh. Guys can be so weird sometimes.

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I once caught my mom’s boyfriend taking pictures up my skirt. I was still in 9th grade and didn’t quite know what to do...


my sister abuses me verbally and has done so for years. I hate her because of it and i can't do anything.


I flirt with people when I'm bored and that's a risky thing we do because nobody wants to catch feels.