I get aroused by my job?

I (24f) have discovered that I get incredibly aroused when I'm working because...well, I really love my job. I've always had some "wires crossed" in my brain where general excitement (e.g. being really happy or interested in something) can switch on the aroused part of my brain despite not even thinking about ***. I won't say what my exact job is but it involves an element of coding, spreadsheets, and general number/problem-solving bits and if I'm working on developments or process changes I get very intensely excited and sometimes have to have a short break to calm down. It's totally uncontrolled but I've really enjoyed my work the last few weeks as I'm taking on some more responsibilities, therefore it's gotten worse! It doesn't affect my work as I can usually ignore it, but I'm wondering if anyone else feels something similar? I'm not "attracted" to any of it, like numbers aren't ***y to me I just can't help the way my body reacts?! I also have the same problem whilst listening to music!

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CharityOutrageous948 this might sound odd but I have ADHD and once I learned about it, I kinda get what you mean. I've never been aroused by the job but like, overly excited when I accomplish something or get validation to the point where it feels almost similar, if that makes any sense. Just like an intense flash of joy that comes on quick and strong so it's 100% not arousal but has some strangely overlapping characteristics. I think it's something around the hyper-fixation and the brain being like, "see, look! This activity gives you dopamine!" and then just leans super hard into that but idk. Not saying this would make sense for you but figured i'd mention it cause I think I know what you mean.
5 months ago
admin Jesus, I wish I liked my job that much
5 months ago

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