I hail from Sunyani and my girlfriend

Please post me anonymously, I hail from Sunyani and my girlfriend is from Koforidua. We had our university education in Accra. I met my girlfriend on campus and we kicked off our relationship in our third year. We graduated together and decided to stay together in Accra after national service to search for employment opportunities. I haven’t had any success yet at finding a job but my girlfriend got a job through the help of a man. She’s paying the house bills and supporting me as well from her salary. Recently, she doesn’t spend some weekends at our place and her excuse is her job. I discovered through her phone that she’s seeing someone and I confronted her. She then explained to me that she’s seeing the man who help her get the job and he’s the reason why she can pay our bills and also support me since am not working. After arguing the whole day, I had no choice than to let her be because if she doesn’t continue seeing the man, she won’t be able to take care of our bills let alone support me. I have tried so hard to allow her do what she does but am hurting. Anytime she returns from her weekend trips, I don’t feel like talking to her and I stay away from her. It’s hard to see her go to be with another man and then come back to me. These days all we do is to argue and the love I have for her is dieing slowly. Whenever we argue, her point is that, whatever she’s doing is for the bigger good of the two of us. Am choking in the relationship and I want out but am also thinking about where to start from as soon as I end it. Moreover, it will be disappointing to go back to my folks in Sunyani 3 years after graduating from university with nothing to show for it. My options are limited and I feel trapped. I need your advice, please help me.

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