she sent me a message saying we should be friends

I Am Derrick from adenta and am currently owning my own workshop as a welder. I was in a relationship with this lady who happened to be my cl***mate back from school, she was a really sweet woman and we had a plan of settling down next year and even went for a wedding list from her parents. Well things started heating up when my job went bad to worse a year by now and my rent was also up and so i had to move and live in a container at my workplace hmmm. That was when she started having a fight with me anytime we talk on the phone and then two months later she sent me a message saying we should be friends and then later said we should break up. Well after that things started to come back and even bought an aboboyaa for someone to work with and i have saved that money hoping to find someone and get married next year because that has been my plan all these years but my problem is I'm scared to fall in love and don't even know how to start from the scratch so i was hoping to let you help me finding a partner who is willing to settle down with me. Thanks

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